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Milton Location Q&A

Hello! We wanted to provide an update regarding our new store coming to Milton, PA. There has been a lot of excitement surrounding our opening. We are so excited too and can’t wait. Here are some questions we have been asked.

Q) Will your Milton store be just like your Lewisburg store?

A) Yes and no. The main reason we are not open yet is because we are spending a lot of time focusing on little details that will make the store an integral part of Downtown Milton. We are using this new store re-design as a template for how Tastecraft stores will look and feel moving forward. As you may or may not know, we did not start out as a coffee shop like we are today. As such, our Lewisburg store, while awesome, was not designed to be a fully functioning coffee shop. Our Milton store and stores in the future will be.

Q) Do you roast your own coffee?

A) Yes! We have three main coffee roasts including our super popular medium Ethiopian roast. All of our coffee is roasted and ground fresh. There is no staleness with our coffee, at all.

Q) Will the store be a place where people can meet with friends to do work or sit and chat with friends?

A) Absolutely 100%. We are maximizing and enhancing our sitting area to accommodate for just that. We want our stores to feel like community hubs that people can gather to enjoy food and drinks in the company of friends or co-workers. We will have free Wi-fi and plenty of power outlets!

Q) What will your hours be like?

A) We have not finalized our hours and will likely not officially solidify them until after we open and can gauge the flow of traffic. However we do intend to open earlier than our Lewisburg location (which opens at 9am). We understand the desire to obtain coffee and food before work.

Q) Will you have more breakfast foods? Your Lewisburg store seems more geared towards lunch.

A) Absolutely. We will be enhancing our breakfast offerings to complement our coffee, tea, and drinks.

Q) Will you still have hand-dipped ice-cream and milkshakes?

A) Of course! We cannot imagine a Tastecraft without Shakeaccinos 🙂

Q) When will your Milton location be open?

A) The most potent question which we intentionally saved for last 😛 We are not ready to officially say an exact date of opening as we are still working on refinement of details. However, we will say when we will absolutely be open by, which will be January 11, 2020. We aim to be open before that, but that is the absolute latest. We are just as excited as you and want everything to be perfect.

We recommend checking out our Lewisburg store (437 Market Street, Lewisburg, PA) between now and through the Holidays to experience our Holiday menu and seasonal macarons/ice-cream. As we get closer to opening, we will post updates. You can also follow us on Instagram at tastecraft_milton.

Thank you for following us and we can’t wait to see you in Milton!


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