What We Offer

At Our Cafe

Coffee / Espresso

Our coffee is single origin and roasted fresh and to perfection in house. Experience our creamy Ethiopian espresso roast.

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Enjoy a delicious toasted bagel with cream cheese with your coffee, or even a bagel sandwich!

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French Macarons

Try our 20+ delicious flavors of popular French Macarons. These are great for events and make great gifts.

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Try a freshly made sandwich or salad, such as our classic Grilled Cheese with chips or Asian Sesame Chicken Salad!

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Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Try a waffle cone of our delicious Nittany Valley Creamery hand-dipped ice cream. Our most popular flavor? Java Jolt.

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Old Fashion Milkshake

Choose your favorite ice-cream and let us turn it into a mouth-watering old fashion milkshake!

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Order Tastecraft freshly roasted  bag coffee today!

Our Coffee Is Roasted In-House

We take great pride in being able to say that our coffee is roasted in-house for guaranteed freshness and the best quality taste.


  • Our espresso is a creamy single origin Ethiopian medium roast
  • We have at least two roasts of drip coffee each day
  • Our light roast is single origin Brazilian
  • Our medium roast is single origin Ethiopian
  • Our dark roast is single origin Honduran


We are  open 7:30am to 6pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 6pm Saturday!


We Have Hand-Dipped Nittany Valley Creamery Ice-Cream?

We carry some of the best hand-dipped ice-cream in the area! Nittany Valley Creamery brand ice-cream, made right here in PA, is mouthwateringly delicious with many unique flavors such as Java Jolt, Strawberry & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, and so many more!

Or, if you are in need of a caffeine buzz, try an affagato (ice-cream submerged in velvety espresso) or one of our famous Shakeaccinos, a tasty drink of your favorite ice-cream flavor and cold-brew coffee.

Our Gallery

Photos of our delicious and creative creations


Some of our most frequently asked questions

Do you have free WiFi?

We do! We have a Tastecraft Guest network that is open for all of our customers to use. Come to study, do work, or have a meeting!

Do you ship macarons?

You can order macarons right here on our website and select to have them shipped right to you or you can pick them up in the store. There is a slight shipping & handling charge for shipped macaron orders to account for the special cold box that we use to keep the macarons fresh.

Do you plan on adding additional locations?

Yes. In fact, a new one is coming soon™.

Let us help with your next big event!