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Tastecraft Lewisburg Will Be Temporarily Closing

Tastecraft Lewisburg will be temporarily closing on January 14th as we explore renovation options for our facility. We have no timeline for when we will be reopening, and there is a strong possibility that we will be reopening in Lewisburg at a different location.

Here are the details.

When we transitioned to a full coffee shop at the beginning of 2019, phasing out our retail products and focusing 100% on drinks and food, we determined that we needed to make improvements to our interior and exterior (IE accessibility, improvements to the bathroom facilities, improvements to the counter area, etc..) to make the experience of our customers as best as it possibly could be. Unfortunately due to leasing issues (we do not own the building, we just lease), as well as recent issues pertaining to the building, we have determined that the best option is to close until can figure out the best path forward.

We want to make it very clear that our new store that is opening on January 18th in Downtown Milton had no impact whatsoever on our decision to temporarily close our Lewisburg store. It was only due to recent building related developments that are out of our control and not related at all to Tastecraft that pushed us in this direction. While there is a slim chance that we will be able to sort through the issues with the property owner and reopen at our current location, we are expecting this to not be the case and are actively working on a plan to open at a new location in Lewisburg. There is no timeline for this opening, but we would like to reopen as quickly as possible.

The remodel or new store will have a redesigned aesthetic that will mirror our new Milton location, so if you would like to see what you can expect, you can visit our Milton store once it opens on January 18th.

Gift Certificates and Vouchers can be used at our Milton location OR online as well as our Lewisburg location once we reopen. We want to be fully transparent with gift certificates. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at and we will fully work with you.

We are disappointed that we have been forced into this direction, but are optimistic and excited that our next version of our Lewisburg store will be even better than ever. We have learned a lot over the last 2.5 years in Lewisburg and can’t wait to design a better coffee shop experience for the town.

Tastecraft Team

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